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Mission Statement

"We conduct our business in an ethical and socially responsible manner to create a lasting impact on our clients, society, and the environment. We are dedicated to delivering personalized, client-focused service to enhance the Lawn Keepers experience."

Who We Are

         Founded in 2001, Lawn Keepers Nursery is a family-owned business that has since been growing a reputation for quality plants and client-centered service. We pride ourselves in producing sustainable, high-quality trees for Florida landscapes. 


         With 50 acres of field-grown trees, palms, and container plants, we have the products to fulfill customer needs. We use the best soil and fertilizers along with efficient growing practices that allow for low prices. Our facilities are also equipped with a fleet of trucks which enable a smooth delivery experience. 


        In any case, we are happy to broker, locate, and arrange the delivery of the plant material needed. From plant production to product delivery and follow up, effort is made at every point of service to ensure our customers stay competitive and profitable. 

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Styled Garden

What We Do

We run a fully integrated wholesale nursery providing services from seed to maintenance and installation. We grow quality trees and plants suitable for residential and commercial projects at competitive prices. Our nursery also makes a coordinated effort in landscape and design. With our years in the industry, we have accumulated the expertise to advise clients on what grows well together, growing zones, expert care, or any other information surrounding the project. 


We appreciate the beauty and health of a landscape. Because of this, we partner with reputable landscape designers to bring projects to life tailored to the customers needs. Then to ensure the environment thrives, we offer maintenance services including trimming, pruning, and irrigation. When needed, we have the resources to arrange outsourcing for increased efficiency. Feel free to contact us with any more questions. We are happy to help!


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